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Some perspectives on all things Data Infrastructure

The Data Model for Data Programming
August 6, 2019
Data Programming gives data engineers the freedom to work in data, and not in a piecemeal data infrastructure. This post describes how data is handled in…
Meet Us Thursday at AWS Summit
July 9, 2019
Datacoral is headed to New York City on Thursday, July 11 as a Silver sponsor of AWS Summit at the Jacob Javits Center. The event is…
Why I Joined Datacoral
May 6, 2019
I have one life and I need to keep learning and trying new things. I cannot stand cumbersome processes which slow things down and lead me…
The Age of Insight
November 8, 2018
Every day we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. In a bid to make sense of all this data, businesses have begun to employ and train…
Why we just invested in Datacoral
November 6, 2018
Today, we at Madrona are delighted to announce our investment in a $10M Series A raise by Datacoral and the beginning of our partnership with Raghotham…

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