Data Infrastructure for Startups

When data drives your ideas, what drives your data? Your data infrastructure.

If you or your team are spending more than 25% of your time fixing, building or managing multi-tool data pipelines, you are spending your time in the wrong place.

Datacoral goes beyond ETL by offering an AWS-native data infrastructure that adds orchestration, change-awareness, Amazon Redshift management and publishing your refined data anywhere it’s needed.

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Startups like Greenhouse, Jyve, Front, and Cheetah are using Datacoral as their data infrastructure. Their benefits include:

  • Increasing their time investment in data from 20% to 80% and revealing the value of the data
  • Accelerating their time to market and informing their product roadmap
  • Saving over $250k annually in data infrastructure management costs

Still not sure? Watch the video first

Watch the Data Infrastructure for Startups webinar to hear what happended to Greenhouse, Jyve, Front and more. Then join the program.

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